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The Lucky HR -Solution Sri Lanka (Pvt) for supply of Sri Lanka human resource abroad. It supplies all categories, skilled, semiskilled, technical and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients. It functions as a bridge between Sri Lanka and manpower importing nations around the globe. The company aims to export the competent manpower that our clients around the world demand.

The concept has its root in employing maximum number of unemployed Sri Lankan youth. To reduce the increased unemployment burden of the country is the major objective behind the birth of this organization. The company operates in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka-Nintavur. Fully equipped with complete facilities that an international standard company needs.

 The Lucky HR-Solution (Pvt) Ltd. explores employment to thousand of Sri Lankan youth every year. It has reservoir of complete solution to the need of human resource. We source our manpower through advertisement and through our official channels for semi-skilled and unskilled manpower.

We bead hunt to meet the demand of highly technical and professional manpower. Today, a huge number of such manpower throng to our company for quality and prompt service. Lucky HR-Solution (Pvt) Ltd. has a fully equipped management with the swift service aimed at information of Human Resource. The company has a very fast mechanism to respond all inquiries relating to the industry.

 The Lucky HR-Solution (Pvt) a group of companies. It is aimed for in-house grooming of competent and qualified manpower. The Lucky HR-Solution (Pvt) Ltd.believes in competency blended with quality.

The company can provide a complete solution of the requirement of Sri Lankan Manpower abroad. Expert consultants, proven experience and outstanding recruitment service Lucky HR-Solution is synonymous with recruitment at its best.

 Lucky HR-Solution is one of the Sri Lanka’s leading  recruitment consultancies covering the Hospitality, Security, Engineering, Construction, Scientific, IT and other sectors. 


We provide free counseling service, right and up to date information to the job seeker. All the information provided by our competent and experienced counselor is Genuine, having right Guidance and support for the job seekers.


We have skilful and experienced trainer who provide training in short period of time. It brings skills in the person to get the job according to their interest. These training will be beneficial to get better placement with higher salary.

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Job Placement

Our job placement is based on the philosophy of "Right Person at Right Time at Right Place". Our job provider companies are genuine and they provide better salary to the employee depending upon their experience and knowledge.